Anthony Keats Speaks on Bitcoin Issues at IGAL Conference


Keats Gatien LLP is a member of the International Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers (“IGAL”). IGAL is a global consortium of boutique and medium-sized accounting and law firms which focus on business-related issues from taxes to intellectual property. Tony Keats gave a presentation on “Blockchain Technology and the Supply Chain” as one of the newest means of protection for brands engaged in manufacturing, distribution, and sales of consumer and industrial products. Tony’s presentation traced the development, production, distribution, and marketing of a fictional super-premium French perfume product which had been the target of counterfeiters who were able to invade the product supply chain by acquiring discarded irregular bottles created for the French perfume house. Tony also discussed how the technology is being used by marketers to establish stronger ties with consumers by allowing them access to the sourcing and production process of a product through a transparent block chain.