Practice Areas

Trademarks, Copyrights, Rights of Publicity, and Domain Names.

Our firm provides its clients with a complete range of registration services for the protection of their trademarks in the United States and around the world. Our practice involves not only the development of clearance strategies, but legal opinions with regard to availability of trademarks for purposes of registration and use.  Our lawyers and staff work with our clients to file appropriate applications for trademark protection at the United States Patent and Trademark Office as well as registrations in countries throughout the world.

As a boutique practice we are striving to meet the needs of our range of clients. From start-ups and individuals to established businesses we recognize that needs and resources will be different. As a result we offer three tiers of registration services-silver, gold, and platinum. Each tier is designed to meet the different complexities posed by a client’s trademark needs and is fixed-fee priced accordingly.

Domain names may act as trademarks to identify on-line services. We work with our clients to clear and secure domain names which enhance their on-line objectives from increased e-commerce to search engine optimization.

We also work with our clients to register their artistic works with the U.S. Copyright Office as well as with various guilds and other government agencies (U.S. Customs) where appropriate.  With respect to patent applications, our firm works with several patent firms who have the expertise in the particular fields of invention, from mechanical to bio-tech, to be certain that our clients’ inventions are protected.


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KeatsGatien represents clients in the courts throughout California and across the United States. We also have extensive experience working with a network of foreign counsel to achieve courtroom success around the globe.  We have decades of experience litigating disputes involving:

  • unfair competition and trade practices
  • trademark, trade dress, and trademark dilution claims
  • copyright infringement
  • commercial contract disputes
  • violations of rights of publicity and privacy
  • idea submission claims
  • domain name infringement and other internet-related disputes.

IP Enforcement

Our attorneys have been leaders in conceiving and implementing programs to protect client intellectual property rights. They are nationally recognized for their particular efforts in battling counterfeiting and piracy in the United States and overseas.

We have implemented these important enforcement programs, domestically, internationally, and on-line for a wide variety of clients and with respect to numerous properties-from movies and sports teams , to luxury goods from the world’s most famous designers, to consumer and personal care products from manufacturers around the world.  Our attorneys work closely with our clients develop strategic plans, including budgeting, specifically tailored to protect our clients’ rights in their valuable intellectual property.


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Internet Enforcement

Commencing in 1995 when the Internet was just transitioning from academic to commercial use, our attorneys were among the first to develop monitoring and enforcement programs to combat content and domain name infringement.

Key activities include:

  • Employing internet monitors and staff who locate and investigate online intellectual property infringement, including infringing website content, metatag usage, hidden text usage, domain name registrations, and online sales and auctions of infringing products.
  • To protect our clients’ rights against on-line infringement, delivery of delivery of Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other cease-and-desist notices to online auction sites and other internet service providers.
  • Creation of on-line “FAQ” and “Terms of Use” policies aimed at educating internet users regarding intellectual property and insuring proper use of client property.
  • Through internet enforcement programs, we have halted the distribution of a wide variety of sensitive information for entertainment companies, talent, and executives.


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