KEATS GATIEN, LLPAn Intellectual Property Law Firm

Keats Gatien, LLP strives to provide the finest, most effective representation in matters of intellectual property enforcement and protection worldwide. Our firm specializes in litigating trademark, copyright, and unfair competition matters. We strategically register trademarks and copyrights around the globe. We provide expert witness testimony regarding the validity, scope of protection, and infringement of intellectual property assets. Our down-to-Earth, practical approach enables us to efficiently resolve disputes in federal and state court, at AAA and JAMS, and before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. At trial, our attorneys have secured injunctions and have been awarded maximum damages to ensure the best possible recovery for the infringement of our clients' valuable intellectual property rights. We provide effective, efficient, and ethical litigation at a modest cost with the goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our success is a reflection of our clients’ trust and the outstanding results we have achieved in over three decades of intellectual property protection and enforcement.